• District 52 uses Handwriting without Tears to teach Handwriting.

  • Kindergarten introduces the alphabet and letter formation.

  • Grade 1 reviews letter formation

  • Grade 2 refines printing practice

  • Grade 3 introduces Cursive writing. The goal is for students to learn the cursive alphabet, how to connect letters, and to sign their name.

  • Grades 4 & 5 do not directly teach Cursive, but can require students to write their name in Cursive on assignments or other activities in which handwriting is required. Grades 4 & 5 Teachers will write students’ names in cursive on labels, name tags, etc. as often as possible.

  • It is encouraged in Grades 6-8 for students to continue writing their name in cursive, as this is a life skill for the future.

  • Cursive is faster than printing, and greater writing speed allows writers to write better by lessening the burden on working memory (Peverly, 2006)

  • Cursive helps develop cognitive abilities, which are the “brain-based skills” needed to carry out tasks (Morton, 2011)


  • Students in Grades 3-8 will have a Google typing account from Typing Club.

  • Teachers will have the ability to assign typing activities to students.

  • In Grades 6-8 typing practice will take place periodically during Encore Period.