Kindergarten and First Grade Early Entrance Information

Washington Grade School District 52

303 Jackson Street, Washington, IL 61571 (309) 444-4182

Washington District 52 follows Illinois School Code, which specifies that children must be five years of age by September 1 to enter kindergarten, and six years of age by September 1 of their first grade year. The Accelerated Placement Act (Public Act 100-0421) requires school districts to have a process in place to allow early entrance into kindergarten and first grade, for students who meet criteria and demonstrate readiness. Sending a child to school early can have a profound effect on his or her school career. It is a decision that District 52 considers to be very serious, while keeping in mind the best interest of the child.

Parents who are interested in having their child screened for early entrance to Kindergarten must do the following by April 1:

  1. Bring in to the office at Lincoln Grade School a certified birth certificate

  2. Bring in proof of residency within Washington District 52

  3. Complete the Parent Questionnaire (can print and bring in hard copy or complete online)

  4. Have a non-family member (e.g.preschool teacher, childcare worker, pediatrician) complete the Teacher Questionnaire (can print and bring in hard copy or complete online)

After April 1, parents will be contacted to set up a screening for their child. Assessments utilized during the screening will include:

  • Reading Level

  • Math achievement

  • Gross and fine motor skills

  • Social and emotional skills

  • Speech and language skills

Data will be compiled from this initial screening. Parents will be contacted with results and a determination of whether additional screening is warranted. At this time, consent for these additional assessments will need to be granted.

Students who meet the mid-year achievement targets from the screening measures above will come back for a second round of screening. The second screening will include:

  • Cognitive assessment

  • Achievement assessment

Both assessments will include nationally standardized norms and percentiles and will be administered by the school psychologist.

A feedback conference including the school administration and parents will be scheduled. Results of the screening will be reviewed and the team will make a decision about the advanced placement of the student. This decision is final.

District 52 Policies:

  • April 1 is the cutoff for applying for early entrance to kindergarten or first grade. All paperwork and questionnaires are due by this date. Late entries will have to reapply next spring.

  • A child will only be assessed one time for early entrance.

  • Parents may not be present in the assessment area while screenings are being administered-a separate waiting area will be available.

  • Children who are accepted for early entrance will be enrolled on a probationary basis. The child’s initial adjustment to school will be observed by school staff during the first twenty days of school. If the child’s adjustment is not satisfactory, the child will be enrolled when the child meets the state’s age requirements for enrollment for the appropriate grade level. If the child’s adjustment is satisfactory, the child will continue to be enrolled in the early entrance program.