WMS Guidance Counselor

Ms. Zaiser 
Guidance Counselor

Dari Zaiser serves WMS students as school guidance counselor. Ms. Zaiser received her undergraduate degree from Illinois State University in social work.  After a few years of work experience, she achieved her master’s degree in 2005 in social work from Illinois State University, followed by a second master’s degree in counseling from Bradley University.

"Before I joined District 52, I worked for the Children’s
Home as a counselor for children and families with serious 
mental health issues. A promotion enabled me to start a 
new program at the Children’s Home for juvenile 
delinquents.  I interned as a school counselor for District 
#50 in Sunnyland while obtaining my master’s degree, 
then worked for Catholic Charities in Peoria as a therapist 
for children in the foster care system."