Jazz Band at WMS is very exciting. Any member of the WMS band program (grades 6-8) can participate. However, if there are more people on one instrument than would allow for a balanced group, those students who play that instrument must audition. 
  • Students auditioning will be given the music in advance. 
  • Auditioning students will be judged on musical ability, cooperation, attitude, responsibility and eligibility. 
We do a variety of musical styles and, when possible, perform outside of school.  The jazz band does perform at all three WMS band and chorus concerts during the school year.   
5th Grade Band is a great place to be. 5th Grade is where the beginning steps of a solid musical life can begin. YOU can be a member of the Beginning Band. There are no requirements to be in band except for percussionPercussionists must have 2 years of piano background. We also limit our numbers of saxophones and oboes in the band. So, if music interests you at all, you need to give Beginning Band a try. 
6th Grade Band is a continuance of 5th Grade Band and involved in the marching band. At the 6th Grade level, you are able to do many more things. Students may participate in solo and ensemble contest as well as jazz band
7th & 8th Grade Band is even more exciting.  They perform more and with a wider variety of music.  Their performances include parades, Orange & Black Nights and school concerts.  Every other year the band participates in the Organizational Contest as a group.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in IMEA, solo and ensemble contest and performing the National Anthem at a home sports game.   
Color Guard is an opportunity for students to participate in Marching Band who may not be interested in playing inthe band. 
Auditions are held each spring for the following fall season.  Students may audition beginning in 6th grade.  Once a student makes the squad, he/she will not have to re-audition for the following year unless they have been removed from the squad due to problems the previous year.
Guidelines for all Music Groups:
Students must be eligible.  If a student becomes ineligible, he/she will NOT be able to participate in any portion of the band program until he/she is off the ineligible list.  These guidelines are set by IESA
A student may remove himself / herself from the music program ONLY at the end of a nine-week grading quarter, and he / she MUST BRING A WRITTEN NOTE FROM HIS / HER PARENT / GUARDIAN with their consent.