The music program at Washington Middle School band provides the opportunity to perform and study literature in the following ensembles:  Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band.

It is a privilege to the students of Washington Middle School to be involved in the band program.  If the rules and guidelines for the school and the band program are violated, membership in this activity could be suspended. 

Print & Complete Band Contract - Must be returned the first day of band camp (*)

Personal instruments are defined as instruments that belong to individual students and not District 52.  The individual is responsible for maintaining his/her instruments in good working order including having
reeds, cleaning supplies, valve oil, slide cream, etc.

All band students are required to have:

  • Working instrument
  • Lesson book
  • Music folder (supplied)
  • Pencil (pen is not allowed)

The band program will use the WMS Grading Scale.  The students earn the grades based on the following:

  • Daily materials for class = 5 pts. Each
  • Writing Assignments = 10 pts. Each
  • Rehearsal/lesson attendance/class participation
    = 15 pts. Each

Students who “forget” to come to class will lose points and will also receive detention.

  • Playing Assignments:  20 pts. Each
  • Performances = 100 pts. Each

Performances are the culmination of many hours of hard work, and enhance the learning process.   They  are a vital part of the course objectives and the grading policy.  Students who absolutely cannot 
participate in a performance, due to a serious, compelling reason, must have a parent/guardian send a written notice at least 1 week before the 
scheduled performance. Those students will be permitted to make up the lost points by writing a 500 word essay about anything to do with music. 
Emergencies are treated on case-by-case basis.

Students with an unexcused absence will not be allowed to make up the points missed from that performance. Those students with an unexcused absence will miss the next all-school assembly and will be required to write an essay. Please refer to the music calendar attached for all performance dates. Dates are subject to change so watch for information throughout the school year.


  1. Everyone will play together.
  2. Wait for the director to begin.
  3. No playing out of turn.
  4. Be respectful to the teacher, other students, 
    band equipment and visitors.
  5. Put forth your best effort
  6. Have a great attitude.
  7. Be prepared.
  8. Keep our music room neat.
  9. Put your instrument and music away.
  10. Work hard and play your best. 


  • Lessons:  15 pts per lesson/ 1 lesson per week
  • Full Band Rehearsals:  15 pts. per rehearsal / 
    3 rehearsals a week (Includes not putting
    instrument, music, etc. away after rehearsal and 
    keeping assigned locker locked.)
  • Playing Assignments: 20 pts. Each
  • Possible worksheets
  • Performances : 100 pts. Each  (Please refer to
    the school calendar for dates.) 

All dates are subject to change and additional performances may be added.

School owned instruments are defined as instruments which belong to District 52.  Students playing these instruments pay a nonrefundable user fee of $60 a year.  This fee does not include supplies such as reeds, oil, 
drumsticks, etc.  The student is also responsible for any repairs on the instrument issued under his/her name.


  • Flute: 
    • Cleaning / tuning rod
    • cleaning swab 
  • Oboe and Bassoon: 
    • 2 reeds and reed guard
    • case for water 
      (35 mm film case works best)
    • cleaning swab 
  • Clarinets and Saxophones:  
    • 2 reeds and reed guard
    • cork grease
    • cleaning swab 
  • Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone and Tuba: 
    • valve oil
    • slide grease
    • mouthpiece brush
    • cleaning cloth 
  • Trombones: 
    • slide cream
    • tuning slide grease
    • water bottle
    • mouthpiece brush
  • Percussion: Stick bag
    • Vic Firth SD1 Snare sticks
    • Vic Firth T1 Timpani Sticks
    • Mike Balter MB9 Brass Bell Mallets
    • Mike Balter MB5 MH Rubber Mallets
    • Mike Balter MB14 MS Yarn Mallets
    • Drum Key
    • pitch pipe
    • snare drum. 

Extra Credit:
Students may earn extra credit in the following ways:

  • Solo & Ensemble Contest = 50 pts.
  • Performance of National Anthem at a WMS 
    Home sports game = 10 pts. Each
  • Attending a musical performance outside of 
    Dist. 52 = 5 pts. Each
  • Performing in a musical performance outside 
    of Dist. 52 = 10 pts. Each 

As per student handbook. 

Parade:  Full dress uniform with the music shirt underneath the jacket. (Provided by the Music Boosters)

  • Solid black shoes
  • Solid black socks
  • Solid black shorts

If the weather is extremely warm:

  • Short white socks and tennis shoes to wear with
    the music shirt .

Concert Uniforms: 

  • Music shirt - to be purchased by the student.
  • Solid loose fitting black pants
    • Girls may wear skirts if they are at least 
      mid-thigh in length.
  • Solid Black socks
  • Solid Black shoes