The purpose of extracurricular activities is to contribute to the overall educational experience of the balanced and total student. Concepts learned include teamwork, integrity, sportsmanship, restraint, persistence, leadership, self-esteem, discipline, and humility. Participation is a privilege that is extended to every student. Every privilege includes responsibility. The conduct of a student, coach, administrator and parent is closely observed by many people. Each individual, in some form, is a representative of the team, the school and the community. Therefore, it is important that each individual representing WMS demonstrate high moral integrity and class at all times and in all places. This extends into the classroom, beyond the playing field and within the community.

We encourage families to get involved by becoming a music booster and/or an activities booster member. 

To the left please find a list of activities offered at WMS! For complete schedules please visit the events section on the WMS main page; click on the filter to narrow your search!  

For a complete guide to our programs please find our activities handbook located in chapter three of our student handbook.  

Go Panthers!

Mr. Goettler, A.D.