District 52 is fortunate to have an ongoing Picture Person Program for grades K through 4.  Students are introduced to fine art through a series of diverse monthly programs.  

Volunteers present various artists, art movements, themes, and world museums to classrooms. 

The Picture Person shows prints of famousmpaintings from our extensive collection to the students, and discuss many of the elements of art. 

Our goal is to provide your child with a better understanding and appreciation of fine art.

If you are interested in information regarding the Picture Person program, please call Jewel Ward 309-444-9364.


Anyone can become a Picture Person!  There are no special requirements, you don’t need an art background - just a desire to learn about fine art and teach the children! 

Volunteers may sign up with their child's teacher at the beginning of the school year.


We have an orientation in September, then meet just one hour each month to review the next month’s presentation. At the monthly program review, each volunteer is given background information about the prints and the artist(s) is supplied along with interesting details.