LGS Young Authors 
Mr. Cory Yates - Sponsor


WHO Can Enter

Any student, Kindergarten through 
4th Grade, who wants to write and
illustrate a book.  All students are 
expected to complete the book by 

WHERE To Write the Book

This project must be completed at home. Students may wish to brainstorm with parent(s) for ideas, but the work must be done by the student.

WHY You Should Enter this Contest

Everyone is a winner!  All students who enter the contest will be honored at a special reception scheduled in the spring.  All students who enter will receive an award at the end of the year.  The following awards will be announced for each grade level:

First Place, Second Place, Third Place

In addition, one award will be given to the student who writes and illustrates the book earning the highest point count by the judges. (See Young Authors' Judging Criteria.) This award is the Lincoln Grade School Winner of the Young Authors' Contest.

HOW To Enter

Submit a finished book with the Young Authors' Contest Entry Form paper-clipped to the first page.  Turn the book into: ____________

WHEN the Book is Due

WHAT To Use To Make the Book

You may make your own book with paper, cardboard, construction paper, or other materials.  Or you may purchase a blank book from an arts and crafts store or The School House, 2524 SW Farrelly Ave., Peoria.   Your book may be handwritten, typed, or word processed, but please do not use computer clip-art to illustrate your book.  If you choose to have illustrations in your book, you must draw them.